Fundamental principles of our practices:

  • Legality
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Confidentiality
  • An integrated approach to ensure your safety and the safety of your business
  • High sense of responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations to the Customer and decency

We do our best to carry out their work bona fide.

Our specialists can contact you by phone in the most convenient time and advise you on any matters relating to the security practices.

GROUP OF SECURITY COMPANIES "GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS actively cooperates with regional public organization of central administrative office of Ministry of the Interior of Russia veterans. Interaction takes place on the exchange of information and consultation with the department veterans, central administrative board veterans and veterans of headquarters of the Ministry of Interior regarding:


  • guaranteeing of legality of carrying out security operations
  • consultation on legislative and regulatory compliance practices in the areas of security laws
  • recommendations on the content and scope of security services provided to the company's customers
  • selection and search of potential clients
  • support for activities organized by veterans
  • material and social assistance to veterans and disabled of Ministry of Interior
  • assistance to law enforcement agencies in search of criminals and missing people
  • participation in awards and decorations for veterans distinguished by good offices in detection of crimes
  • consultation on information security, installation of telecommunication facilities for security units
  • social support and prevention of delinquency among children and adolescents deprived of parental care who are enrolled in the affiliated institutions.